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Company Profile

SystemGrafx Pte Ltd (pronounced as system-graph-fix) is registered in the Republic of Singapore in 2004. We are the same group of management and employees previously under SystemGrafx Technology Consultancy which was founded in 1993.

SystemGrafx is a specialist in providing computerisation consultancy, business solutions and application development services based on industry best practices and cost effective technologies. It is our commitment to deliver the best business solutions to our value customers through helping companies, their employees, partners and customers in enhancing collaboration, lower cost, build business relationships and promote revenue growth.

We understand that Small and Medium Size Enterprise have unique needs. They require cost-effective solution that can be up and running quickly. The solution can continue to meet their needs as the business grows. We can create solutions specifically for companies in the small and medium size enterprise (SME) marketplace.

Our main aim is to promote good customer service and building strongly relationship with our customers in the software industry.